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This weeks Top Sci-fi or Fantasy t.v !

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Short scenes of this weeks top five

So the end of the week has arrived and i have finally managed to catch up on my heavy pile of sky + goodies. And what a ruddy week we have had. Roaring in at Number 1 we have:

Number 1: Stargate Universe. And no, I'm not being biased. Its managed to grab me back after that hefty long mid season break and this week we finally find out what crawled up that brilliant scientist arse! For all of you who are new or not into sci-fi (why are you here?) then what i actually meant was, we finally know why he is a miserable and slightly scary, if not brilliant character. Dr Rush (Robert Carlyle's) has been beaten up, blamed for getting them stuck on an ancient ship in god knows where (well....) and even left to die on a planet by that limping commie in a suit Colonel Young (ah i know i know he isn't that bad he did have to go through the whole my wife's sleeping with me but it isn't me its Louis diamond Phillips!!! thang)but this week THIS WEEK we finally see him relive the death of his wife again and again as he struggles to understand the workings of destiny. A special guest appearance by Michael Shanks as Dr Jackson in one of those all too familiar stargate scripts in where either him, Sam or O'Neil turn up and play a wonderful piece of ' I'm not really here I'm your imagination' scripture. Brilliant and very pleased to hear that they have started filing on season 2 already. 9/10

Number 2: Fringe. AH YES FRINGE. Now this series is absolutely superb. Although you worked out everything that is happening in season one around episode 9 you actually don't mind sitting this one out and letting it glide through your cerebral cortex and into your imaginations special place...mmmmmm....SOOOOO who would have thought it eh? peter is from the other reality and whilst we have all been virtually hugging that great big MENTAL Walter and telling him "there there" the big secret finally came out this week and as the final curtain closed...we feel a special trip back to St. Cl ares might do Walter a wee bit of good. 8/10

Number 3: Dr Who. Now i mentioned a little while ago that i am fully prepared to batter any twazzock who is still carrying the flame for Dr Pogo (David Tennant)and has three or four i hate Matt smith facebook pages and i stand by that. Matt Smith is splendid as the funny turn of events Dr. As they cast him they must have known that his age would be a massive taboo (for the life of me i just cant see why) and Smith has therefore added a twang of unstable pensioner to his persona. I love watching Smiths Dr bumble across the screen and lecture Amy as though she were still 9 and this weeks episode was even better for it. The reason why it didn't quite break into two, well i guess you cant please everyone BUT i really hate the 'lets take the companions other half along shall we' scenarios. As feared the crutch in the casting is unfortunately they other people left back on earth. I didn't think much of Roses beau either (tricky mickey) and giving him an AK47 still didn't butch him up for me i still wish he got eaten by the dustbin in the first episode way back when...but alas he didn't and poor old Martha got the short end of the stick and will hopefully end up in divorce court for season 6. I DIGRESS...brill love it don't love the earthling boyfriends...6/10

Number 4: Supernatural. Now i promised i wouldn't go on and on about the impala or that Jenson Ackles wears a mean suit and keep this all professional but i do believe that i remarked to Mister Chihuahua that this was the most bloodiest and gruesome episode yet. For those with weak stomach tendencies that cant even watch holby city...then this episode is not for you. I still have nightmares of the graceful blank stared one (Castiel) eating raw mince by the gallon...ew...5/10

and finally..Number 5: Sanctuary. Now i love this show and will stay faithful to it for the whole it filled way back when sci-fi ( now called sy-fy..go figure)had nothing to offer but a really bad hack job of Flash Gordon. The web-isodes worked brilliantly on the big screen and now that they have pushed full throttle on for season 3 im still loving it. don't get me wrong i hate it when the duo-logue episodes take effect and i actually miss the convincing gun toting Ashley BUT this weeks special appearance by Michael Shanks as a bomb-happy abnormal with a pouch in his gut was quite entertaining. 5/10

So that was this weeks t.v shows that are fab for me and if you have any too..DISCUSS!!!

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Jonathan Hicks said...

I'm really enjoying Stargate: Universe as it's a fresh new look to the Stargate setting, and the music is bloody brilliant (the soundtrack, not the contemporary songs they include). Looking forward to getting that soundtrack.