Monday, 10 May 2010

Trekkies...May the emissary protect them.

So im watching the 1997 documentary Trekkies. I started off with complete empathy and understanding for these guys but as the minutes went by i became a little frightened for their souls.

The film is a documentary about the fans attraction to the show star trek (funny enough). The way it affects their lives and the people who follow the show so religiously that their lives are dominated by the Federations prime directive. It even showed two rather large klingons demonstrating the mating ritual which involved alot of grunting wrestling and a box of eggs. One woman would only answer to 'commander' and even turned up for jury service (the whitewater case) dressed as a starfleet officer as she said it was a good way to show responcibilities to her crew...who didnt actually exist. She was later dismissed for talking to the press...which wasnt discussed through the documentary...hmmmm...

Barbara 'commander' Adams

When do you draw the line? i mean we go to the memo fair at the nec twice a year. Our Son Bruce is named after Batman..(yes i know but i promised it to myself and i truly believe that if anything every happened to myself or his dad he would have a name to look up to for inspiration on how to build a batcave under our flat with his inheritance of 55p.) and we occasionaly dress him up as a transformer, ewok or stuntman but i have to admit we wouldnt go as far although im considering joining the stargate costume people but turning my house into the bridge of the uss enterprise...i find a bit strange. but hey..horses for courses.

It is refreshing to know that the stars of the show respect and adore the fans for keeping them working and turning up to see them. It is also stated that somewhere in the world there is a star trek convention every weekend, i want to go to one. a big one actually see these guys do their stuff. Im making it a point to go and do a chihuahua documentary...hmmm....planning.

whats the geekiest thing you have done?

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