Saturday, 29 December 2012

London Super Comic Con 2013 - 25/26 Feb

Ok, So first outing of the year will be at The London Super Comic Convention. BRIAN BOLLAND Living legend, Batman: The Killing Joke artist, Judge Dredd & many more- I am really looking forward to taking my Batman 'Killing Joke' for Mr Brian Bolland to sign. Not the most darkest but i fear the most cannon changing graphic novel yet. My life changed with Barbara Gordon's in that novel and i was acutely aware that the shadows are darker in DC. A step away from what i fear was neon and child like in i know i'm probably wrong but i'm just not a Marvel chica and would not know if they ever had a bad day but here in Gotham...things get so very dark and so very real....So Mr Bolland...The Bat Hobbit is coming to get ya!

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