Saturday, 29 December 2012

RIGHT! I have been away for some while with sooo much going on! So much has changed since i last wrote the articles below that i feel i must return. I know I know i never really gave this blogging thing a chance before but i have decided to remove some fingers from other pies and have a base here...lucky you! I have also seen and done many a wondrous thing that i absolutely must share with you. My love for Batman has become stronger and has even made me dabble in areas i felt i never would, if that doesn't sound ominous i do not know what will! So many amazing Graphic novels have greased my palms that i simply MUST share them with you, you HAVE to see these beauties and if you are afraid to breach out of your little caves then i will be your dutiful guide..and may even feed you peanuts like a proper hostess!! Lets get cracking shall we? Next week our fist POdcast will be with you but i have a few little gems from Cinebook i want to give to you first... this space.

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