Friday, 25 January 2013

Hearts and Flowers.....ewww or is it?

As much as i HATE to say it it is Valentiens day soon....awwwww you say or in some cases  eh? Well before you think ive gone all mushy and grosse i just want to assure you all that a good Bat Hobbit never misses the opportunity to be bought something!!! So..what do you get a Bat Obsessed Midget i hear you cry? well funny you should say that (i hope he is old man not a bat midget)....

1. Batman Chronicles Bolume 3  - i have not updated my golden age for some while and i have a massive gap where it should be!!! FILL IT HUSBAND!

2. BATMAN LUNCH BOX - i am using tupperware...i dont like using tupperware.

3. A trip to Chatsworth house - has to try before she buys.

So there you go not much. I've given up asking for a puppy so this will have to do....the usual request for the Moon on a Stick will be added shortly...

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