Sunday, 6 January 2013

Cooking with BatHobbit

OK so a New year brings in the annual need for a trimmer Bat Hobbit. My mother in her infinite 'Ma Larkin' cooking wisdom bought us that Hairy Hobbits diet cookbook and i have to say three days in i am loving it it don't feel like i'm doing anything but eating great food yet i feel healthier and my stomach has shrunk already. If any fellow nerds wish to trim down or even impress your lady or gentlemen friends i have some great it...doooo it....

One thing my family now demand on tap in our fridge for an evening snack is:

Mackerel Pate Under 370 calories each if used as a lunchtime bread topper (but much much less if you use it on Melba Toast as a snack when peckish)

Ingredients: Mackerel fillets, 1 finely sliced red onion, 1 tbsp natural low fat YO-gurt. 1 tbsp light Mayo, 1 radish sliced.

1. Mash the Mackerel into small pieces with a fork in a bowl, try to remove the under skin if you can and any bones that are visible (doesn't matter if you miss them)

2. Once the fish is of a flake consistency add the red onion and radish and mix lightly (more of a twist and turn action..i made that up so lets call its a Hobbit fold? scratch that sounds grosse)

3.Dollop in the YO-gurt and Mayo in and Hobbit fold (Eww) once more

4. Cut a cherry tomato into quarters and add to choice of bread or toast, add a sprig of watercress and enjoy.

Don't say i don't give you anything!

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