Thursday, 17 January 2013

Fan Made...You Tube Bats and Birds.

So it has been pointed out to me lately that i am a snob. Not a normal snob but quite a specific breed of Bat-Snob. My protectiveness of Gotham has wedged itself quite deeply into my heart over my 34 years and what with all the gossip and talk of what this year holds for our caped crusading family...i am finding my upper lip curling in anger more frequently.

Saying that i have lately been shown some outstanding works of fan-fiction and films that have let me know i am not alone.

In my opinion the true dark Batman is not for kids, yes i have a son and yes his name is Bruce. His walls are plastered with Batman but that is of the Lego and 'Brave and the Bold' variety. He knows there is something else out there but that will come when he inherits my collection and not for now. The one true point that someone 'gets it' is when the piece of work they create is dark and gritty. If it smiles back at you then you have failed but if it grabs hold of your soul and drags it through a gauntlet of spikes and laughing gas... you have hit the spot.

Most people just don't get Bruce Wayne so they will never get the Bat. They see something popular and in the now but he will always be pushed aside for something with superpowers and for me that's OK because that is where he would want to be anyway. The man they don't understand never EVER got over the death of his parents and saw it fit to allow a boy and a young woman into the war against psychos, rapists and thieves. The truth of the matter is that if he didn't have those around him to remind him to shy away from lethal force he would probably flatten Gotham more than any of the whack jobs he fights and that is the beautiful irony in just how deep his thirst for revenge goes. He will lecture others but although he has no one person to wreak revenge against it is the very shadows and those that live in it that he will never stop fighting. He would always blame himself when it went wrong and his loyal Alfred would chastise him but he would never apologize allowing them to have had a choice and a solemn oath on his parents grave to do as he said. It is ironic in that fact that he gave up the ideals of having a family but did just that without knowing. We saw how they would fight and run but always return back to the man they considered father and the anguish in Dick Grayson, his first born if you will, when he knew he had to pick up the mantle knowing he could never be the man he adored and admired....and in my opinion I see just that. No-one will ever compare to the dark and compelling force that is Batman and no-one will ever take his place so if we are to make a fan film we should do it justice ...with two fists!

So here is a few..and this is what the Bat-Snob thinks;

SUPERMAN and BATMAN - Worlds finest trailer.

Someone wrote as a comment under this "Its like an Alex Ross painting come to life" well...that is a BLOODY HIGH comment to make so i wanted it to fail but you know wasn't that bad. The actors were not who i would have used but this is not a million dollar movie this is a fan made trailer for a wonderful idea and i think that that my beloved Earth Two was well represented in this so i think it passes with a 6/10 and would i like to see more...hmm yes i think i would but with better direction perhaps?


Ok, i'm going to say this first. Whilst i found he was amazing and fresh i thought Heath Ledgers appearance as our Clown Prince of Crime was not my favorite. This film disagree and so they played their joker as the very same. The story of Harley is intact and it plays a little like a monologue but i see what they wanted to achieve and i think if this is their favorite Gotham project then they can grow and get better. 5/10 and research Joker away from the movies and you will be much better placed for a sequel.


First of all a lot of love made this film. So beautifully dark and Gothic the ambient noise and the attention to details put this far apart from any other fan films. The you-tuber who wrote that the first clip above was Alex Ross...needs to watch this. 30 minutes of pure fan researched bliss i loved it. Lets not take it away from their version of the Joker, spot on! his best audience was always himself and the insane babbling to his own reflection was a stroke of genius. I can only imagine how long the Bat in the Sun company sat down with this before even thinking of picking up a camera. 9/10 i loved the small references to all the classic villains and even a young Canary popped up there.

I could go on for ever but you would not thank me for that there were a lot of bad ones and some that were more about people with very bad outfits which don't really help anyone!!!!! (see total snob) i have lost count of the time dear Jon has been kept up with me moaning about the audacity some production companies have!!!

I am intrigued to know what else is out there now....

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