Wednesday, 2 January 2013

How do you dress a BatHobbit?

So finally back at work (booooooooooo) and im stareting to plan my year over a cheese salad (yes a diet was a new years resolution lets see how long that lasts) and a hot orange ( sick).

Myself and the monkey decided that we would create respective tees for the Convention hops we intend to do this year and mine came out as follows:

Customized Men's Classic T-Shirt
I of course love it and there will be pointers on the back for this blog and Twitter. We have soooo much to do and soooo many people to see and meet im rather exited for this new year to get started!!
Do i need to add anything else, its just tooooo bland for me!
On the plus side to all this fancy dressing i have re-oredered new old copies (that doesnt make sense unless your in my head) of Batman Haunted Knight, Fortunate Son & filled in the weather damaged Mad Monk and Monster men issues i have missing i am eager to get stuck in with the Batgirl year one i have wrapped up nicely but im such a comic obsessive that i refuse to read them (again) unless in perfect order...ITS BEEN  ALONG XMAS WHERE NO ONE POSTS!!!
...i really want some chocolate.

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