Monday, 29 April 2013

A hobbits home is her not insert filthy joke here.

So anyone who is anyone knows that a hobbits home is her garden (i am warning you).

My first home when settling down as man and wife with Jon was a beautiful first floor apartment. It was lovely and spacious and had everything we needed but it lacked a garden. We had a communal garden that was private and hardly anyone else in our block but i still couldn't get planting or growing veg. I had a window box that was so pathetic i needed Bob Geldof to help me grow it with a song.

When we moved last year one of the first things we looked for in a new Hobbit hole was a garden. I wanted a lush green lawn with gnomes and really tacky windmills. I wanted a garden good enough for an open invitation or that would single handed win the city's best garden in show home garden and Chelsea would be begging me to attend. So it was with amazing surprise that i found and fell in love with our grass-less home.

When we moved in she was in a bad way. We had an awful winter and an even worse beginning of spring and anything that lived outside was savaged. I immediately set to planning ways to revive her and i came up with my Victorian Garden.

I thought about when the sun hit our patio and that was the morning so for most of the say the sun would be at the top end, this would be where i would plant my vegetables and also home my Reading Nook.

I scraped out the small fairy tale forest that had attached itself to the whole area and hacked away for a few weeks i then gutted the nearby bushes and squared off the trim. We have oriental lanterns and where the podium is a large fire burner will live for the evenings. The bench will be vintage varnished a cheery black wood and cushions will allow me to lay and read for hours with absolute peace and quiet. I have injected some color into the brown bushes turning to green with Japanese maples to match the cherry blossom behind the arbor and of course it wouldn't be an English garden without some pansy's and border fillers.

The real heart of my garden is my Green House and it is the first place i go of a morning and the last place i go of a night. I really am quite sad but growing up in London made me ache for a garden of my home. Moving around the world as i did i always dreamed of a green house that would be my escape and place of wild creation. 

Together we have grown, Runner Beans, Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Sweetcorn, Beetroot, Spring onions, Alicante Toms, Lettuce, Radish, Spring Onions, Red onions, White onions...and a Venus fly trap.

So that's it the beginning of my garden...i hope to be blogging from there very soon...and having a BBQ.

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