Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Geek girl pen pals and documentaries

I have been away from this particular blog for so long and i have recently taken the decision to do more 'me' things so i will use this blog as i once desired to use it and that is for me and my interests. I write on a lot of other peoples blogs for a lot of other different things but i rarely have the chance  other then twitter it would seem to actually ramble in a more than 140 characters about things that are important or funny to me. So here i am back in the blog...and it feels quite good.

What have i been up to lately  Well there are massive developments as i am preparing to make another film. This time a documentary. Those who were at film school with me knew that used to be my one true love. I loved the freedom and passion a documentary could give you. if you feel passionately about anything and you transfer that to 1.5 hours of good researched educational entertainment you feel like you have not just done that...but recorded your place on earth somehow. You feel that you have managed to capture a piece of the earth as it revolved and when you are dead and gone..that will remain. You also capture the feelings and thoughts of others and get to watch them again and again knowing each time you cut and splice that your making their point too.

I am a massive old skool geek girl and i recently stumbled across a wonderful thing called the 'International Geek Girl Pen Club' Such a wonderful idea and yet so simple. Take a group of geek girls from around the globe and pair them up. The wondrous thing about us is that when we pair...we pair for life and this stirred my creative juices!!

We are an amazingly complex breed of Amazon and we should be displayed in the fashion we are accustomed to. Along with the technical age the geek girl has grown into a strong and proud sex that is more than willing to stand strong against the familiar and fake believe that they are  dominant fan boy *yuck* Over the coming year i will be using the modern ways in which we communicate with each other to document our high and lows, our fads and passions just to see who we are and why we shouldn't be sniffed at. We should celebrate who we are and revel in the rainbows that we weave with being free and proud to say we are wearing Dr. Who underwear.
I have had the displeasure of being a geek girl in an age where it was not cool, in an age where the big bang theory didn't exist and where it wasn't cool to want to dress up or display your particular love in public. NHS glasses were definitely not cool and the word 'Nerd' or 'Geek' was an awful slur that segregated you and labelled you through your educational years and if you even mentioned Dungeons and Dragons you would face something very similar to a witch trial and intervention from your local priest *pretty bloody bleak eh?* but if you come out of that still a 'Geek' and terrible 'Nerd' then you can see the amazing potential us as a clan can achieve for both older and younger generations!
What i want from you ladies is video diaries!!! i want you to contact me via a video message to i want you to tell me all about yourself, your home, your they like what you like? what is great about being a geek and what you have struggled with and pretty much anything else you want to tell me. If you have examples Cosplay or Larping, Comics or Gaming i wanna see it all! I am looking for global videos so please feel free to spread the word and the love.
I'm not here to embarrass us as i have had that done before i want to show how amaxing we are and how strong our drive for individuality is. A few years ago there was documentary made about role-players that horrified me, we need to set the message straight and show how colorful and alive we are. I will be visiting most conventions this year and also be at tables and panels so if you see me come over and if you want to get in touch everyone grabs me on Twitter @bathobbit
We are no longer a minority..and this fills me with teary pride so let me know if your interested in either the documentary or the IGGPPC and we will make ye olde magik together. My pen pal is amazing she is from Texas and such a positive ray of light. Those who know me know i'm stubborn and so set in my ways. I hate all things i have previously had to defend myself against and have little or no tolerance for Marvel or its..yuck Iron man..BUT i find myself entertaining this AND my little pony because she finds such joy in it. I am very dark in my passions such as my love for Gotham and its splendid shadows but yet she is light and modern...i like this contrast. She has introduced me to many things and i like to think i have done the same, We share so many things in common that are quite freaky but people are meant to find their friends in such different and unconventional ways. I always had trouble with the word 'friend' i have always given but never really received. I would drop everything for my friend but never had that feeling back and this has left me a little guarded  The IGGPPC make this very easy to use and very friendly  my original pen friend didn't really go for the idea in the end but that was absolutely fine because i found a kindred spirit in the great and fantastic community they have created and i find that the past 34 years have been a little pants because i would have killed to have someone like her there before.
I have already gained so much from this experience in the month we have been doing it, the endless possibilities and creativity it has given us all is not just a movement...but a revolution

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