Tuesday, 1 April 2014

TASTE BUD DIARIES: 15 on the corner - lichfield

My culinary taste buds recently took me , quite by accident, to a nice little place just opened up in Bore Street, Lichfield.

Myself and the old girl walked about a bit looking for something not too heavy but yet filling to snack on, as usual and our footsteps came across this little hidden gem which was in the form of 15 on the corner.

Now don't get me wrong I have seen it there before but its a funny thing isn't it coffee houses? you feel somewhat loyal to the small one you have been venturing to for the past year and worry that they will see you go in and write your name on a special blackboard of doom? so, literally, sneaking in we perused the special board and thought we would give it a go.

On immediately entering the place I was immersed in its Modus Operandi and the sweet music wafted around the small space making you feel very much like a Moroccan bizarre was tempting you with its wares. the d├ęcor was fresh and modern but very low-key and all you needed to know is that the coffee machine was up to its fine range of beans on the menu!

(I'm rather daft like that, I judge a person on their front room curtains and a coffee shop on its machine...)

I found a large comfortable table and proceeded to get my mothers worried look more soothed with the specials on offer. That day they had the pulled pork or pulled chilli brisket up for grabs and we opted for one of both...OF COURSE WE DID! accompanied by a flat white and a elderberry water we slowly started to relax as we waited for our grub.

The service was friendly and full of cheer but busy and one point I even saw one member make some guests more comfortable by rearranging a selection of tables for them and I could easily see why some people take advantage of the free wi-fi and sit around for a few hours.

When our food arrived (in not too long a time I might add although drinks were naturally a little slower) we were so very surprised. My mothers reservations were the usual two things:

* The bun they used would be stone cold
* The plate would be swamped in food that would not be eaten

So lets address her two issues. The bun was not cold. it was a beautiful Brioche that stood up to the test of her chilli brisket AND home made 'slaw. she was immensely pleased to note that they had toasted this, as she points out it makes all the difference to her and in fact the meal. I sampled a piece of her dish and whilst I'm not brave enough for the kick she agreed that it planted a warm kiss in your chest and she ploughed on quite happily. The food was not sparse but just the right amount of portion for the price of £6.95.

My dish was the whammy. I had the pulled pork and it was...brilliant. For a while I was stuck for words to finally find a cafe in my own town that FINALLY provided a satisfactory southern American dish in just the right way. You could taste that this pork had been cooking for the five or six hours needed for such a dish and the marinade of BBQ sauce they used was fabulous. Once again a kick to the taste buds is received after each mouthful was consumed by the handy and very clever dish accompaniments of home made Slaw and a gherkin.

The tri-fecta of taste is succulent and sweet and by the time you have finished your dish you are fully disappointed its over. The sour of the bbq with its hidden sauce and the creaminess of the coleslaw held together with an artisan roll (toasted) were perfectly partnered with the pickle and is one of those things you just have to try to believe...and try it we suggest you do.

Hungry Hobbit rating 9/10 , only missing a point because we had to wait a little for our drinks BUT we have a saying in our house now which always accompanies a good meal find and its the regular 9pm sigh of "ooh i could murder a 15" ...we will be back for more, check out what's on offer on their website and pop along yourself I'm eager for their brownies..let me know if you have one.

Hobbs xxx

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