Tuesday, 29 March 2016

So this year i'm finally making time for the Uk Games Expo. When I say that I mean not to lounge about all day buying or playing games with the family..i'm going to volunteer.

I'm rather looking forward to it as I have been assigned an Ambassador at the NEC and i'll be there to warmly greet you in some fashion or other and bid you welcome...

The 10 years celebration will be held on the 3rd - 5th June at both the NEC and the Hilton hotel and promises to be amazeballs on many different levels. It promises to be huge fun and the lending library will also be back for you to borrow, play and return when you need a break and refreshments!

So if you're in Brum and need a game or two come along and i'll welcome you in..or about..or do a jig or something!

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